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Are you better at focusing on your business than you are at tackling the paperwork?   We love bookkeeping!  Let us help.  Listed below are some of the common bookkeeping tasks requested by our clients:

Day to day bookkeeping

Invoice clients and send payment reminders.  Pay vendor bills.  Reconcile bank accounts and confirm that the books match the bank statements-making sure all transactions have been recorded.


Have you ever wanted to see a Budget vs Actual report but did not know where to start?  We can do that!  We'll set up the budget, all you have to do is run the report.  

Custom Reports

Want to see how this year's Sales compare to last year's Sales?  Or, how many green widgets you've sold vs blue widgets?  Or, maybe even Payroll costs from year to year?  Running these types of reports gives you peace of mind and provides you with a road map of how your business is doing.

Give us a call us at (503) 594-0266 for a free 30 minute consultation.  We'll work with you to determine your bookkeeping needs.



What are the Tasks Involved in Processing Payroll and Paying Payroll Taxes?

You may be starting a business, having hired your first employee, or you are considering having employees and wondering whether you should process payroll yourself or get a payroll processing service. 

At Strictly Accounting LLC we work directly with payroll providers on your behalf.  You might find it helpful to consider the time and tasks involved in processing employee payroll in-house versus outsourcing, such as confidentiality, historical data and year-end tasks such as W-2's.

QuickBooks Training

I want to do my own bookkeeping!

We offer 1 to 2 hour time slots for QuickBooks training.  We'll teach you QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, PC or MacBook.   Receive one-on-one training at our quiet office in Lake Oswego. Coffee is complimentary!